Project Description

Ruxandra Anghel, Psychologist, Existential psychotherapist and lecturer.

Ruxandra completed a doctorate in counselling psychology and existential psychotherapy.

Ruxandra arrived in the meaningful world of Psychology & Wellbeing after a successful career in Communications. She has extensive work experience in competitive international environments. As a psychologist and counsellor she worked with a great range of clients from the age of 7 to 97.

She worked in various clinical settings, like the NHS, in education and privately. She is also a passionate lecturer and therapy trainer.

My approach in therapy is client-focused, flexible, sensible and also bold. Given my life experience, I am particularly skilled in working on matters of work performance and high-achiever mentality, self-identity and meaningful living. My areas of expertise are in joy of living and generational identity. Therefore, I work with people of all ages to support them in defining their identity and create fulfilling lives for themselves. In our therapeutic work I will serve as your guide in your journey of self-discovery. You will decide on the route and destination. I will be there to help you find clarity on your path.

Being existential in orientation means that Ruxandra will invite you to explore the whole world of your existence, discuss its different dimensions and perspectives, reflect upon your identity and personal values, and all matters of day to day living, all with the purpose for you to discover your own meaning of life’s curious events. Ruxandra is also skilled in other therapeutic practices and she has a creative approach to therapy, delivering tailored sessions to your personality. She is experienced in using psychodynamic, transpersonal and positive psychology techniques which means not only you will discover yourself in all possible dimensions but you will be equipped to build resilience and resourcefulness for better living.

Accreditations and memberships:
 British Psychological Society

10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
+44 (0) 207 289 5656


“Explore your personality, discuss its different dimensions and perspectives, reflect upon your cultural and generational identity and personal values, and all matters of day to day living. Learn to make good choices for your own life.”

Some issues:
Meaning in life
Joy of living
Self-identity/Cultural identity/Generational identity
Relationship issuesWhat I can help with