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Gisela JachniukGisela Jachniuk, Practice Manager of Therapy Harley Street, Marketing Consultant, Digital Marketer and Multimedia Designer

The first question I ask a practitioner is: ‘How do you describe yourself as a therapist?’ – or ‘How do you think your clients would describe you as a therapist?’. Marketing can sell, but such tools are useless if you don’t know how your clients perceive you and how they’re benefiting from your work with them.

About me… I started my career in TV advertising as a copywriter in Spanish. What an amazing playground for creativity! I went onto work for newspapers, magazines, radio and then the digital world. I came to the UK in 2000 and studied Web Design and realised that creating beautiful sites didn’t necessarily result in successful businesses. So I went onto to study for a Masters in Digital Media and discovered the digital world was a fantastic adventure. I become a mum and while helping my children with a great start in life, I was also helping companies take the first steps to discovering their niche and potential.

I got to know Bárbara Godoy, founder-director of Therapy Harley Street in 2004 when she advertised in a magazine I founded. I helped her with her marketing until, one day in a café in Holland Park, she made an exciting proposition. She talked about Harley Street and her ideas and dreams and, from there, we embarked on Therapy Harley Street together. Many things changed from that point. I decided to dedicate my work entirely to the wellbeing sector. Helping people find the right therapist, as well as the therapist finding the right client, is extremely rewarding. I went onto learn about different psychotherapy approaches and wellbeing therapies and discovered that, as every client is unique, so is every therapist. Finding the perfect match is a fulfilling experience.

Recently, I studied NLP which helps me put all this experience and intuition together to combine the ‘Seven steps to start your private practice’:

  1. The therapist in you or the therapists that you would like to become… your profile
  2. Defining your niche, magic keywords
  3. How to find your marketing perfect match using a mix of marketing tools – website, social media and blogs, directories, health insurances, private GPs
  4. Your clinic, your space
A guide to handling administration (administration as a therapeutic session holder)
  6.  Accreditations, insurance and accountancy
Continuing Professional Development and supervisions

I am happy to help you find your tribe, your drive and your plan. 

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Marketing Consultancy. Start your private practice. 

Helping you find your tribe,
your drive and
your plan

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