Project Description

Tahirah Yasin is an accredited psychotherapist; member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and the Muslim Counsellors and Psychotherapists Network (MCPAN).  Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Coach BA (Hons), MSc, PsychD, BACP Reg., NCS Reg., Pg Dip, MBACP.

Tahirah holds each client with unconditional regard and aims to create an intimate and caring therapeutic relationship. She works intuitively and directly, helping her clients get to the heart of the matter with compassion and understanding. An empathetic and intuitive, culturally/faith-aware therapist. Tahirah uses her considerable experience from her diverse background to connect with, guide and support clients from all walks of life, through their challenges.

Tahirah works with adults and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, low self-esteem, relationships, life direction, stress, burnout, trauma, attachment, creative blocks, insecurity, intimacy issues, abuse, sexuality, OCD, religion, family problems, divorce, infertility, money stories, spiritual disconnection. Tahirah helps to look deeply at the core wounds; they are ultimately the conflicts of the inner child.

Tahirah is an experienced psychotherapist, who works in-depth with clients – She also works with people who are looking for new directions and are keen to find out more about themselves. She aims to help clients to develop a greater understanding of the unseen patterns of behaviour that can underlie psychological distress, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction.

Tahirah draws on psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, integrative, and relational approaches to psychotherapy, in addition, uses talking therapy and creative interventions such as body awareness, visualisation, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and HAB breathwork were necessary to release emotional blocks. At all times building an authentic and congruent relationship and respecting that each person’s situation is unique.

She is passionate about empowering people to move forward in whichever aspect of life feels stuck, misunderstood, or disempowered; Especially when our lives feel full of darkness, for whatever reason, Tahirah sees her role as helping someone to find their inner light switch so that they can see the way forward. Helping to turn the lights on someone is part of the process to connect them to their own inner knowing, knowledge, and power.

She endeavours to provide comprehensive and effective support to all her clients, by consistently enhancing her own education and skills, she believes you can never stop learning, and she firmly believes that education and consistency will always be the keys to offering outstanding client care. She genuinely does want to help as many people as she can.

She is an avid learner and believes that you are always a student in life.  You can be safe in the knowledge that she is independently accountable for her practice and has ongoing professional development and is registered with professional associations and adheres to their code of ethics.

Therapy offered in your own language: Urdu and Punjabi

10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
+44 (0) 207 289 5656


Together we can build the therapeutic relationship where healing and growth happen.

Everyone is unique.
Therapy is a process of exploration and discovery, together we create a therapeutic safe space. A space to put pieces of your puzzle back,
Individual Therapy can help you regain the courage to respond to the challenges that life places in your path. I offer an in-depth 50 min conversation and the opportunity for a weekly follow-on session with a highly qualified psychotherapist. Whatever is going on in your life – whether you are entering a period of transition, want to improve your relationships or are just in a rut. I will engage in an enlightening one-to-one 8-step conversation marked with curiosity, respect and understanding.

Areas in which I specialise include:
Bereavement Counselling (1-2-1)
Bereavement Group facilitation
Understanding Trauma and PTSD
Tapping EFT
Mindfulness Techniques
Islamic Counselling
Attachment disorder
Chronic illness
Emotional disturbance
Family issues
Life transitions
Low-self confidence
Low-self esteem
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Panic attacks
Relationship issues
Work-related stress