Self-esteem and confidence are very important in our lives. Self-esteem represents your opinion about yourself; the value that you attribute to yourself and your attitude towards yourself. The way that you see yourself affects your interactions with yourself, others and the world. That view can be positive or negative, but a positive, healthy and realistic perception of who you are is vital if you want to feel happy and content with yourself and to maintain healthy interactions and relationships with others.

Self-confidence represents your assurance, certainty and faith in your abilities to act in a certain way and to support your actions.

Both low confidence and self-esteem are underlying factors for many psychological, social, emotional, interpersonal and work-related problems, since they are related to our perception of who we are, what we can do and what our abilities and strengths are. People with low confidence and self-esteem issues can get caught up in a vicious circle of negativity, that they feel they are unable to get out of.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is based on strengthening your ‘ego’ and restoring your self-worth by exploring childhood and current issues, patterns and interactions. Identifying your current beliefs, such as how you view yourself, others and the world around you, as well as finding out how you think others perceive you. The next step is to modify these beliefs so that they become more balanced and healthy.

Consequently, altering the way you think affects the way you feel and behave. You will soon feel better and be able to make different decisions in your life. Developing coping skills, learning new tools, and identifying your strengths are very important parts of therapy.

NBK Soul Evolution for self-confidence

by Neil Kynaston, Alchemist, Dowser, Executive Coach, Vibrational Flower Essence Therapist and Trained in Gestalt Therapy at Esalen Institute in California, USA. He combines all these processes in his Soul Evolution Therapy Sessions.

A holistic and integrated system for systemic change.

As you step into your power, one step at a time the hope is that your life will evolve in a way thats both nourishing and in line with your divine purpose. Choosing a path or set of stairs to climb in life takes one decision which can shape your history. The stair case is an example of choosing the right path to evolve our souls purpose to the highest consciousness. Which stair case do you wish to climb next in your life…?
In a Soul Evolution session you will look at yourself as a whole, seeing the bigger picture and where you are at in your life in this point in time. The Soul Evolution session and bottles you will receive will support you to find your place back in the centre of your life you want to live, taking the centre stage in your own theatre of dreams. We will work together in an alchemical process to create two bottles. The first is your Elixir which you will take orally for  2 – 9 months which includes vibrational healing, essences, power codes for support and protection, angelic healing from the Archangels and the Ascended masters. Frequencies that will help to unlock old patterns and belief systems that have been with you in this life and potentially in past lives as a repeating cycle. The spray is to support your energy field to keep you feeling supported; Frankincense – for protection, Lavender – for purification and Y’Lang Y’lang – for integration between the masculine and feminine, and the most import part your calibrated to your needs, your Elixir.  All the energies are brought together as one to give you the most support possible as an energy frequency game changer, helping you realise your potential as you climb the next steps on your beautiful journey.

Neil you are an inspiration and have personally made such a difference in my life … your Distant Dowsing and Soul Evolution sessions made an immediate difference to me and my home … it bought me back to my faith and my love of yoga. There is no doubt you have helped me to evolve through this crisis and I completely recommend you to everyone.” Simone Hindmarch, Managing Director, Commercial Group, Cheltenham, UK

“Over the years I’ve known Neil, personally as well as professionally, I’ve always known him to show up with depth and integrity. My session with him was an eye opener for me and his energy is welcoming and at the same time deeply tuned in. He works intuitively and I felt gently guided throughout. It’s given me a lot of clarity going forward and also reassurance about things I’d been battling with for a while. Thanks Neil, I’d wholeheartedly recommend your services.” Arina Borowski, School Teacher. Auckland, New Zealand.

“I had wanted to ask for a divorce from my husband but couldn’t find the courage to do so. Neil cleared my blocks to positive expression and the next day, I did ask for the divorce. I had been unable to move forward, to make changes and not only did I find new courage but new energy and positivity. I was also able to stop smoking with the use of the healing patterns. A life-enhancing session.”  Martha Loewy, Director, Fashion Industry. Switzerland 

Self-confidence: an exercise in confidence

By Schnel Hanson, RTT and Coach

Did you know that confidence is a learnable skill? If you look at your life right now you will find confidence in many areas. If you are honest with yourself you will also notice areas of your life where you lack confidence.

What Worked For Me

For example, I workout almost every day and it is a huge part of my life. I love it. This wasn’t always the case. When I first learned how to lift weights I was awkward, weak and clumsy. I was always looking around the gym at the experienced people worried that they might be judging me. Had my desire to lose weight and improve my health not been so strong at the time, I very likely would have let the discomfort of the situation force me to quit and give up.

But I didn’t. I found an experienced workout buddy and started to learn. I slowly but deliberately became stronger and more comfortable in the gym setting. After a few short weeks, it was almost second nature to me. All of the feelings of embarrassment and inferiority had disappeared. I had developed confidence. The same way I had developed confidence when I learned to walk as a baby, when I learned to ride a bike as a young boy and when I learned how to drive at age 16.

There is no trick to the development of confidence. It is a predictable process that any of us can implement for virtually any action or habit in our lives.

What Could Work For You

  • Have you recognized this and applied this in your life?
  • Have you mistakenly accused yourself of not having to ability to do something due to a lack of confidence?

I want you to take a moment right now and mentally review your dominant thought patterns.

Most people have at least one area in their life where they lack confidence. For some, it could be speaking in public, for others, it could be meeting new people and developing relationships. Identify that specific area in your life right now

  1. You have to identify a major goal that you would like to achieve
  2. You have to identify where you lack confidence in terms of the obtainment of this goal. I assume you lack confidence in this area because if you did not lack confidence then you would have achieved this goal by now. To identify what that blockage is:
    • If you’re an entrepreneur, maybe you lack confidence in presenting funding proposals to other business owners or financial institutions.
    • If you are in sales perhaps you are limiting your success by not pursuing the large accounts.
    • Maybe you are in a relationship and you‘re not happy with the behavior of your partner, do you lack the confidence to ask for what you want?
  3. Write at least one paragraph that describes your confidence block and your current state of mind. When you imagine yourself in this situation of low confidence, what comes up for you. Are you anxious, nervous, upset, etc… Describe your state as accurately as possible
  4. Now that you are aware of your confidence blockages, you can begin to redevelop them. Define one major activity that you can implement ASAP that moves you towards your goal
    • If you have a fear of speaking, your activity could be to rehearse a 10-minute power speech in front of the mirror
    • If you struggle in sales, you could plan to practice and refine your sales presentation with a manager or senior colleague
  5. Write a commitment to yourself to practice this new activity every single day for the next 30 days. If you really want to commit to this, find an accountability partner and perform the activity with them so that you have a witness.
  6. At the end of 30 days, repeat step 3 again, and analyze where you are at in terms of confidence. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10

You can continue this until you reach a level that you are satisfied with when it comes to your confidence in this area of your life!