Many heavy things are there for the spirit, the strong load-bearing spirit in which reverence dwells: for the heavy and the heaviest longest its strength.

What is heavy? so asked the load-bearing spirit; then knelled it down like the camel, and wanted to be well laden.

What is the heaviest thing, ye heroes? asked the load- bearing spirit, that I may take it upon me and rejoice in my strength.

Is it not this: To humiliate oneself in order to mortify one’s pride? To exhibit one’s folly in order to mock at one’s wisdom?

Or is it this: To desert our cause when it celebrated its triumph? To ascend high mountains to tempt the tempter? Or is it this: To feed on the acorns and grass of known- edge, and for the sake of truth to suffer hunger of soul?

Or is it this: To be sick and dismiss comforters, and make friends of the deaf, who never hear thy requests? Or is it this: To go into foul water when it is the water of truth, and not disclaim cold frogs and hot toads?

Or is it this: To love those who despise us, and give one’s hand to the phantom when it is going to frighten us?

All these heaviest things the load-bearing spirit took upon itself: and like the camel, which, when laden, hasten into the wilderness, so hasten the spirit into its wilderness.