by Bernadette Devine, International Psychotherapist, Executive Coach & Yoga Therapist

Rapid Transformational Therapy is an internationally recognised therapy which is literally transformative. An innovative and an award-winning approach, RTT is becoming ever-more recognised for its results and impact.

Imagine learning a simple, but incredibly powerful technique that you can use to improve every area of your life from your confidence, finances and career to physical health conditions and general happiness. One session is enough, sometimes two and very occasionally three.

The root of issues in love, body image, health and performance are:

  • Not feeling enough
  • Feeling as though you don’t fit in
  • Feeling unlovable

These are simple underlying issues which literally stop people for having a great life, living their dreams and having the greatest gift of health. RTT clears the hard drive of unhelpful, unconscious programmes and installs the desired state. It lasts, it works and, importantly, it is rapid. RTT is part of a growing body of evidence – biogenesis, epigenetics and neurophysiological mind-body influence that is taking psychotherapy in a new direction.

Using the mind to create its own sustainable solutions, which works on the physical body as well as on the emotions, RTT is a fast, effective and easy methodology and makes the session even easier, getting to the issue quickly and providing a new neural pathway through deep relaxation. Recordings are provided, it takes 21 days to complete the auditory cycle, and a pre-session recording sets the client up for success. Great results, impactful and literally transformative.