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Series of discussions, dialogues and conversations between Prof Ernesto Spinelli and International existential therapists.

EXISTENTIAL DIALOGUE between Prof E. Spinelli and Dr Todd Dubose. Topic: “The Power of Phenomenological Openness”. Book here >


About this event
“Existential therapy is a wide ranging arena, with many perspectives and different views that also, fundamentally, share an attitude expressing a way of thinking and being with people. Representatives of the existential approach from different parts of the world have agreed to engage in an open-format discussion with me. Each of them will bring their own particular topic of interest as the focus for the discussion. From these, participants will hopefully see that existential therapy and existential thought in general cover a huge range of topics, view points and perspectives and explores these in a way that it is different, stimulating and enjoyable.” Prof Ernesto Spinelli

The Power of Phenomenological Openness
“The question is where the therapeutic process takes us. I think nobody in the therapy is in charge of this process. The process invites us to follow it and we accompany somebody through that. But I don’t think many therapists do this at the moment, Lately, therapy is engineering and the hope is that existential tradition can offer something different.” Dr Todd Dubose

About Prof Ernesto Spinelli
“An internationally-recognised leader in existential therapy and coaching psychology, Professor Ernesto Spinelli developed and taught the first psychology undergraduate and PhD programmes to focus on counselling and psychotherapy research. He has contributed to a growing interest in, and professional appreciation of, existential therapeutic techniques.
Professor Spinelli publications and textbooks are standard reading for many psychotherapies and coaching training programmes around the world. His book, Practising Existential Therapy: The Relational World, 2nd edition (2015), was identified as the most influential contemporary text on existential therapeutic practice.” BPS

About Dr. Todd Dubose
Dr Todd DuBose is a world renowned, Distinguished Full Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where for the past 15 years he has taught philosophical foundations and practices of human science psychology and has been the coordinator for the existential-hermeneutical-phenomenological orientation for therapeutic care. He is also a licensed psychologist in private practice, was a former chaplain at the famed Bellevue Hospital in New York City, and has 33 years of experience in therapeutic care, supervision, teaching, consulting, advising and scholarship. He holds degrees in continental and comparative philosophy of religion and existential-hermeneutical-phenomenological human science clinical psychology and integrates these approaches in caring for experiences of the impossible (no way out, boundary or limit situations), and extreme experiences (such as psychosis, nihilism, suicidal and homicidal ideation, violence, traumatic loss, existential crises of meaning, and paranormal or anomalous experiences). As a public scholar and engaged practitioner, his advocacy work critiques how implicit biases and ideologies embedded in taken-for-granted standards of care can harm others in the name of care. He was one of the co-founders of the American Association for Existential Analysis, which has been transformed into the newly formed American Institute for Daseinsanalysis under new leadership. He is the founder of The Khora Institute, which focuses on caring for people who get left out or subjugated by hegemonic practices of institutional care, hoping through consultation and training to expand more humane ways of caring for soul in a postmodern world. He has most recently published on hope and existential survival in the COVID-19 pandemic, and has also recently written a short dialogue with Miles Groth, edited by Loray Daws, called Dialogues on the Soul of Existential Therapy, published by the Society for Existential Analysis.

(This Dialogue is part of “Existential Dialogues”. You can book each dialogue independently for £40 or the ten dialogues for £300 book here)




Dr MANU BAZZANO “Therapy and the Daimonic” (22 January)

Dr KATERINA ZYMNIS “Diving into the Co-Created World of the Psychotherapeutic Encounter” (19 February)

Dr TODD DUBOSE “The Power of Phenomenological Openness” (19 March)

Dr MICHAEL MONTGOMERY “Reconciling the Past” (23 April)

Dr YAQUI MARTINEZ “Challenges to Existential Therapeutic Practice”(21 May)

BÁRBARA GODOY “Brainstorming the Basis of an Existential Laboratory” (18 June)

Dr BETTY CANNON “In the Spirit of Play: Toward a Psychology of Freedom” (23 July)

Dr GREG MADISON “Is Existence the Same as Experience in Existential Therapy?” (15 October)

Dr XUEFU WANG “Zhimian: an Existential Approach as Viewed from Chinese Culture”
(19 November)

Dr KEN BRADFORD “Radical Authenticity” (17 December)

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