By Shersie Miller, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist >

We cannot live without connecting to others and we cannot choose our family. In a world were connecting to people is often harder due to social media and people connecting to others online. There feels a disconnect, a sense of emptiness and un-fulfillment today.

Is this why there is so much conflict in our relationships, too close but so far apart of understanding one another or have we become complacent in our relationships?

With divorce rates having doubled since the 1990s (Psychology Today 2024) and family’s breakdowns for all kinds of reasons. Life becomes harder and more stressful to cope and thrive as a parent or in a relationship. We often bring how we feel unconsciously in how we choose to communicate in our workplace, parenting and in our relationships.

At times, we feel heavy in our hearts and find it hard as h to be motivated in our role. Sometimes as parents we carry so much. At times there is no time to sit and reflect on how we affect others, we are often too busy. Time ticks on.

We feel we want to make a change but fear the worst as our egos and self-esteem has been damaged. It often takes the first step and then the next to a better understanding of ourselves. And this can then bring an equilibrium in our relationships. Our thoughts and feelings set the tone to how we behave when we connect to others.