By Sophia Arthur Uchendu, Integrative Psychotherapist >

In many families, there are hidden stories of pain that have affected family members for
generations. These stories are often about childhood and generational trauma. In therapy we
would focus on these issues to help you find relief and understanding.

What is Childhood and Generational Trauma?
Childhood trauma includes experiences like neglect, abuse, or seeing violence that can upset a child’s emotional growth. These experiences can leave deep scars that might show up as anxiety, sadness/depression, or difficulty in forming close relationships during adulthood. Generational trauma is when these pain points aren’t just experienced by one person but are passed down through families. This can happen through behaviours, emotional reactions, and even small actions that children pick up from their parents. With childhood trauma, it’s not just about what happened but can also be what did not happen that should have.

I care deeply about helping people heal from these traumas. In therapy, we would look at how past traumas and current problems are connected, and then work to stop these issues from continuing. The starting point is to help you understand your own story, which is the first
step to healing. By using psychotherapy and a healthy dose of psychoeducation, I’d give you, by yourself, or with your family/ group the tools you need to move past your traumas.

Healing is possible, and it begins here. It’ll be an honour to go on the journey with you to heal the wounds of the past and look forward to a more settled tomorrow.