By Kate Munden, TRE, SSP and EFT therapist >

Long Covid, with its persistent and debilitating symptoms, has left many individuals in search of answers and solutions. In this blog post, we will explore the inspiring journey of an individual who, like many, faced the challenges of Long Covid and found hope and healing through the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP).

The Long Covid Battle

In January 2022, one individual’s life took a challenging turn with a diagnosis of Long Covid. The symptoms were a relentless mix of brain fog, headaches, memory loss, post-exertional malaise, fatigue, chest tightness, shortness of breath, urinary incontinence, insomnia, and weight gain. It seemed like their whole world had turned upside down.

This person’s journey through Long Covid was marked by numerous doctor visits and attempts at alternative therapies, from red light therapy to acupuncture and supplements. Despite their efforts, the relief they sought remained elusive.

A Glimpse into Life Before Long Covid

Before Long Covid, this individual was a high-achieving professional, a parent to three teenage children, and a supportive partner. They managed their pre-existing diagnosis of Celiac disease and a history of major depressive disorder with ease. In addition to their responsibilities, they even found time to run half-marathons.

However, Long Covid challenged them on multiple fronts, both physically and emotionally. The debilitating symptoms left them feeling stuck and immobilized, and it took over a year for them to receive a diagnosis. Doctors had little to offer, leaving them disheartened and feeling as though they would never get better.

The Safe & Sound Protocol SSP Intervention

This person’s turning point came with the introduction of the Safe & Sound Protocol. Delivered remotely via Zoom, they began with the SSP Connect pathway, listening for 30 minutes most days from January through February 2022. Subsequently, they progressed to the SSP Core program from February to June 2022, incorporating some home listening sessions. The transition to SSP Balance further contributed to their recovery, with sessions happening two or three times per week.

Throughout the SSP journey, this individual learned about their own nervous system, enabling them to identify their current state and apply exercises to facilitate a transition between Polyvagal states. This personalized support was vital to their healing process.

The Journey of Transformation

Initially, this individual reported fatigue and frustration after completing the SSP and not experiencing immediate changes. However, a week later, they began to experience improved brain function and increased tolerance for activity. As time passed, their recovery continued to progress. Their family noticed significant changes in their mood and connectedness.

Today, this individual is living the life they dreamt of once again. Their brain fog and energy levels have improved significantly. They can attend their children’s events, travel with their partner, and even handle professional and family responsibilities. Their mental cognition has improved, and they are no longer overwhelmed by daily tasks.

A Lesson in Patience and Care

This person’s journey underscores the importance of patience and personalised care when using the SSP to aid in Long Covid recovery. For individuals with Long Covid, it is crucial to start slowly, gradually building up listening times and providing co-regulation support during specific phases. This tailored approach can make a world of difference.

This success story with the Safe & Sound Protocol is a testament to the power of the human body’s resilience and the potential of innovative therapies. If you or a loved one is facing the challenges of Long Covid, consider exploring the Safe & Sound Protocol SSP, a path towards hope and recovery.