By Lila Ramsahai, Integrative Psychotherapist >

Pretty much every relationship in the world has been affected by the COVID pandemic. Some relationships began, some ended, some are stronger than ever and some could use some work. In times of great stress, fear, uncertainty and isolation, these results are completely normal. For the millions of couples that barely made it through and are still struggling, here are some of the effects the pandemic has had and how you can begin to fix them.

Isolation-induced resentment and irritation:

One of the biggest things that affected couples throughout the pandemic was living in close quarters. Of course we love and care for our partners, but being stuck in a house with someone for months on end, completely cut off from the rest of the world can be a little… grating. According to studies, this has caused a large amount of detachment. According to professionals, anticipatory anxiety impairs a person’s willingness to socialise constructively with their partner. Things that you never really noticed or once found endearing can become infuriating for both sides.

Increased Arguments:
Once this irritation reaches a certain level, it’s only to be expected that you and your partner would experience an increase in the frequency of your arguments. If you’re used to only seeing your partner in the evenings and on weekends, frustration resulting from a lack of personal space is a very common catalyst for frequent arguments. Some studies show that this even caused a spike in domestic violence during the pandemic. The same can be said for the opposite, many new couples had to distance during the pandemic which caused a dramatic decrease in intimacy and quality time, resulting in more frequent arguments, rushing to move in together and even breakups.

Decreased Libido:
A common adage is that a level of mystery is required for romance to stay alive in long-term relationships. This definitely wasn’t possible during the pandemic when partners were seeing their significant other’s every move and getting very familiar with their routine! Humour aside, depression, over-familiarity and increased arguments are very common causes of decreased libido in a relationship. Given that the pandemic resulted in HUGE numbers of people experiencing one or more of these things and are struggling with less active sex life.

Couples therapy: 
If you’ve been experiencing any of these things, it’s completely normal and something a lot of couples have been struggling with. The good news is that it’s possible to get your relationship back on track; you may just need a little help. Relationship coaching and therapy can help you and your partner work on your relationship to make it stronger than it’s ever been. We have a holistic approach that’s tailored to your relationship so that you get the best possible results for you.

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