stress and anxietyAnxiety is a very common and natural feeling that all of us experience when we encounter anything stressful or dangerous. It is a combination of physical and psychological responses that affect our mood, thoughts and behavior. You might feel that you get into a vicious circle of ‘worrying thoughts’ and ‘what if’ scenarios, without being able to find answers and solutions.

In therapy, we identify the triggers that create your anxiety. These can be linked to aspects such as your relationship, employment, family and past issues.The next goal is to find effective new coping strategies to deal with your anxieties, so that they become less frightening. Problem solving skills and relaxation techniques are introduced and applied in the session and also as part of the homework between the sessions.


By Tahirah Yasin, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist >

“Anxiety and Panic disable our most simple tasks.”
Anxiety and Panic manifest when we hit a point
of complete and utter overwhelm.
Our sympathetic system of “Fight” or “Flight” kicks in
leaving us vulnerable and exhausted.
Overwhelm can be sparked by various triggers
Emotional – Chemical – Psychological – Spiritual
or a varied combination of them all.

I can help you:

  • Identify what your triggers are
  • Create safety to disable the anxiety and panic
  • Enable your return to an effective parasympathetic state of mind.

How Rapid Transformational Therapy can help with stress, anxiety & depression.

By Sara Faramarzi, RTT therapist

Working with your subconscious mind, RTT allows you to dig deeper into exact reasons behind why you’re suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.

On the surface we can assume a handful of day to day situations, past events, memories that may cause a person to suffer from stress, anxiety, depression or all three. However, the reasons behind any of these issues could be far from what you think. As humans, majority of what we think and assume comes from our conscious mind which only has 10% influence in our lives- to get to the root cause of any issue, we must use our subconscious mind which holds 90% control over us but lies dormant for the majority of the time. Through an induced state of relaxing hypnosis, Rapid Transformational Therapy awakens your subconscious mind and allows for you to learn the exact reason behind why you are suffering. It takes you to the root cause of your issues- not just to what you assume could be causing them. Once you have full understanding of why/how/when you allowed these issues into your life- RTT rewires your mind in a positive healing way, eliminating old negative beliefs and memories which caused your issues. This powerful therapy then addresses any triggers that make you feel the negative symptoms, ultimately making you immune to them and achieving complete freedom from stress, anxiety and depression.